Eric Clapton’s New Album Gets Five Stars From Goldmine!

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Goldmine magazine gave a perfect score to Eric Clapton’s latest album, I Still Do! Check out what they had to say below. GM Clapton

Limited-Edition Glen Campbell “Signature Burst” Tote Bag Now Available!

Monday, June 27th, 2016
The limited edition Glen Campbell “Signature Burst” tote bag is now available! Click here for details! Glen-Campbell-Signature-Burst-Tote-Bag (1)

Limited-Edition Sublime Vinyl Box Set & Reissues Now Available!

Friday, June 24th, 2016
Limited Edition 180-Gram 13-LP Vinyl Box Set with Exclusive Bonus Content is now available here
The Sublime vinyl box set collects the Long Beach, California band’s three main studio albums, 1992’s double-platinum 40 Oz. To Freedom, 1994’s gold Robbin’ The Hood, and 1996’s five-times platinum Sublime, in 180-gram 2-LP gatefold plus 3D lenticular cover art editions, plus 1997’s platinum certified Second-Hand Smoke (2-LP), and 1998’s Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends (1-LP) and Stand By Your Van: Live (2-LP) in 180-gram pressings which are exclusive to the set. For the box set’s exclusive 2-LP edition of Stand By Your Van: Live, the album has been expanded with five bonus live tracks featured on the previously released CD and an etched image of Lou Dog on Side 4.Many of the titles were remastered from original tapes by the legendary Brian “Big Bass” Gardner and overseen by Mike “Miguel” Happoldt. The box set also features an exclusive, expanded 2-LP gatefold edition of Sublime’s first-ever Skunk Records release, 1991’s Jah Won’t Pay The Bills. This was a cassette-only release 25 years ago sold out of the trunk of their cars before they got signed (the album was recently reissued on cassette and, for the first time, on 1-LP vinyl for Record Store Day 2016). The set’s expanded 2-LP gatefold edition of Jah Won’t Pay The Bills includes 10 additional tracks from the album’s studio sessions and expanded artwork. The box set also includes two lithographs of artwork created by Sublime fans/artists, recently showcased at the Sublime 20 Year Anniversary exhibit presented by the Sullen Art Collective and an exclusive Sublime-inspired turntable mat.

The Sublime vinyl box set includes the following remastered 180g LPs and exclusive bonus content

  • 40 Oz. To Freedom [gatefold 2-LP with removable 3D lenticular cover art print]
  • Robbin’ The Hood [gatefold 2-LP with removable 3D lenticular cover art print]
Sublime [gatefold 2-LP with removable 3D lenticular cover art print]
Second-Hand Smoke [gatefold 2-LP]
Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends [1-LP]
Stand By Your Van: Live [expanded gatefold 2-LP, exclusive to the box set]
  • Jah Won’t Pay The Bills [expanded gatefold 2-LP, exclusive to the box set]
  • Exclusive turntable mat designed by Opie Ortiz and two exclusive art lithographs by Sublime fans/artists
Check out the unboxing video:

New Stray Cats Merch Coming Soon!

Friday, June 17th, 2016
Just some of the new merch coming out soon…
Stray Cats Pomade
image (11)
Stray Cat Shower Curtain
image (4)

New Sublime Bradley Nowell & Friends Cover!

Thursday, June 16th, 2016
Peep at the new Bradley Nowell & Friends cover in the Sublime Box Set and vinyl reissues.
Click here for more details! Bradley Nowell & Friends album cover

Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot! Playing at Blues Peer Festival!

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot! will be playing at Blues Peer Festival in Peer, Belgium July 17th, 2016. Click here for more info and tickets!

Brian Setzer Blues Peer 2 (1)

Sublime’s 40 Oz. To Freedom Turns 24!

Friday, June 10th, 2016
This month marks 24 years since the sight of Opie’s demented sun and the tunes off Sublime’s debut album, 40 Oz. To Freedom!
40 oz to freedom

34 years today, Stray Cats’ ‘Built For Speed’ was released!

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

On this day back in 1982, Stray Cats released the band’s first American album, Built For Speed!

Built for Speed (1)

New Limited Edition Sublime Lyric Tee By Troy & Jake!

Saturday, May 28th, 2016

May’s Limited Edition Song Lyric Tee:

There really isn’t much I can say about this song.  I think we are always in the mood to listen to Sublime, and the 808s in ‘Get Ready’ just hit you right! Out of all of Bradley’s classic lyrics, I think my favorite is “We like the music loud in this here band”

I chose ‘Crazy Fool’ because Bradley was my Crazy Beautiful Fool.


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Stories from the Fans on Bradley of Sublime’s 20th Memorial

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

 May 25th marks the 20th memorial of Bradley Nowell. Today we celebrate Brad and share some of the many stories from fans who continue to spread the Sublime love!


Brandon Steed 

Love love love sublime! My wife and I back in high school have many Great memories listening to Sublime, and we named our boy Bradley! He was just born on 4-20 this year. Thanks for the awesome music!

Lisa Foss

Bradley’s music has always been there for me, in the best of times and the worst of times. When I want to celebrate, I turn on Sublime. When I want to cheer up, I turn on Sublime. His music is something that never gets old. So unique, so beautiful… I got the Sublime sun tattooed on my back 7 years ago to represent this passion I have for them, and it was the best decision I’ve made. Bradley is so much more than a musician to me, he represents my youth and the ups and downs of life. Sublime will always be the heartbeat of my soul!

Michelle Adams Obregon

I was in my early teens when my cousin was dating Bradley sublime played in her backyard in bellflower and shortly after they became so big just a Lil band from Long Beach he used to play the guitar for me in his loft in long beach I’ll forever remember his smile & fantastic music!

Cristina Diana 

I learned about sublime too late in life. I heard Santeria when I was a freshman in high school. I was hooked immediately. By far my favorite band and sound and singer and everything about sublime I love. So much so I named my kid after Bradley.

Jeff Heath

I was raised in Long Beach, one of my first concerts was seeing Sublime. I used to have the original 40oz to Freedom purple cassette tape until some tweaker stole it. One of my favorite concerts was seeing you guys play at the Riverside Armory and getting to experience Bradley and Gwen singing saw red together.Standing by a VW bus with Lou dog running around. Great memories I am very thankful for. Bradley is a legend that forever changed music.

Crystal Balwierz

Sublime is my soul❤ I have EVERYTHING I can possibly collect from sublime and brad❤ I have a signed copy of the crazy fool book, by Bradley’s father to me and the money I paid for it went to Jacobs ( Bradley’s son’s) collage fund🙌🏻 SUBLIME FOR LIFE❤ Brad, bud and Eric are legends in my eyes

Michael Campo

Still to this day it gets bumped in the car…brad inspired me to pick up the guitar, I’m grateful for tribute to the music he gave us i named my son after his own Jacob.couple more years and i can share the music with him

Michael David Ginther

The fist cd I ever purchased was Sublime. After I heard sublimes music I forever knew that this would be my genre of music for the rest of my life. My brother named his dog Louie aka Lou dog, and he has a kid with the middle name Bradley. I want to say that sublime introduced me to Slightly Stoopid, the dirty heads, The expendables, and many other bands too long to list. I’ve been to so many of their concerts. My second tattoo was the sublime sun, and I own just about every sublime cd, and am slowly converting over into vinyls now. Long live sublime
Bradley I’m so glad to see your bands legacy live on brother. Your voice is so amazing, and mesmerizing. I’m about to go jam out to some sublime now. I want to thank you for your music. I’m so glad I grew up with good music unlike all of these new songs on the radio because they all drive me crazyDustin Campbell

It’s something about sublime that has helped me through some tough times. I could be in a weird ass mood and when i put on sublime it roots me. Something about the beat and the lyrics that gives me good vibes. Sublime is the shit and Bradley is and will always be the shit!!! Thank you for the amazing band you guys are.

Thomas Jesse

Bradley introduced me to reggae and for that I am forever grateful… #jahlives. Also, my inspiration to sing although I can’t do it well lol… I played guitar before sublime but after Sublime I wanted to make mussssiicccc rip Brad

Tyrell Yawzie

Sublime taught me life’s too short so love the one you got. Taught me how to appreciate life & all kinds of music. Thank you Bradley & Lou dog!

Raymond Braat Jr.

I don’t think enough words could ever be said about what a good dude Brad was… 20 years ago we lost a very talented artist and an AMAZING human being! Brad would literally give the shirt off his back to someone who needed it… R.I.P. Bradley… Thank you for your music and kind soul.

Eduardo Rodarte

We got that Sublime style Straight from LONG BEACH BRADLEY will never be forgotten His memories and Voice will always be with the Reach of SUBLIME!!

Deanna Rose

Sublime and Bradley have forever changed my life, even though I’ve never met Bradley I feel a love and closeness to him, I am forever touched by his passion in his music. I wish that he was still here today but I am a follower of his son Jake James band LAW and they are awesome !!! Brad’s love of music and talent has lived on through his son. Rest in paradise Bradley !!!!

Matt Tuzson

My oldest brother showed me sublime when I was in first grade! I was the only kid in my class that rocked sublime shirts and new all the lyrics at such a young age! I eventually got a little older and started playing guitar! Still to this day sublime is my all time favorite band and biggest influence when it comes to writing music! I remember exactly where I was the day I found out Brad had passed! I was sitting on the quarter pipe and my local skate park when my brother pulled up in his shitty little dodge neon and came up and told me! Sublime is more the just my favorite musicians! They’re a revolution on how to change the world around you! Huge thanks to everyone involved in the band!!! Your music got me through so much in life!!! RIP Brad!!! Always missed and never forgotten!!!!

Mike Mcclintick Jr.

Sublime has shaped who I have become as an individual, they took good songs and made them great, as well as coming out with a decent amount of their own songs and changing the punk/ska genre forever in only a short span with Brad… they are already loved and respected by so many, it would have been great to see how far they could have gone if not for Brad’s untimely demise..

Gustin Jorsuch

The loss of a great musician is always shitty… More so when they don’t get the chance to see the impact they have had on someones life.. Bradley Nowell taught me a lot… mainly a love of reggae music, and dealing with many of lifes tougher challenges. Through the Sublime stylee, I’ve learned to keep ya head up even when ya cant… It’ll always come back to ya in some way. Great times spent with many a badfish and poolsharks while that Sublime stylee play… Hearing a good friend who recently passed singing “poolshark” is one of the best memories I got of both him and Sublime. Thanks for letting me relive that moment anytime I hear it.

Breya Regier 

I was six when he died but his voice and music he created with Sublime is the soundtrack to many of the memories I have from my childhood. I am so lucky to have a father with such a diverse taste in music. I was in sixth grade and knew all the words to your songs. Now with a son of my own we definitely have our days where we just need to slow down and dig on some sublime. The music to this day makes me laugh and cry it’s that good.
Love you Bradley!!John Juarez Espinoza

I grew up on Sublime. I was born in 1990 but I first heard sublime when I was just an infant, thanks to my sisters. I would listen to their jams and sublime became my favorite. The second I heard brads amazing voice and guitar, then Eric dropping bass lines and Bud jamming on those drums, I was hooked! I still am! Because of you, Sublime, I have started up my own band and your sound influences us so much. Thanks for being idols and such an inspiration in my life and many others. I still can’t get enough of your music and I never will. Thank you, SUBLIME!!!

Victoria Morgan Sartain 

My mom used to jam sublime all the time when I was a kid. When MTV actually played awesome music videos, I remember always seeing the “wrong way” video. When I became a teenager myself, I had every sublime cd one could possibly own. Bradley Nowell and friend was my ultimate favorite. Jamming before school, during school on a Walkman, after school. As an adult with 3 kid’s I have a sublime onesie I have let each of my children wear and even had a custom diaper bag made with A picture of Brad and his son screen printed on the front! (It was stolen from me at a laundromat 😿😿) my first shop tattoo is a hibiscus flower with Sublime in graffiti underneath, and last but not least, my youngest son’s name is Bradley. Sublime will forever be my number one ultimate favorite band. “⭐️💚🌺Look at all the love we’ve found”