'Rock Fabulous': The Ultimate Rock Brand by Christian Audigier and Dave Stewart

LOS ANGELES, July 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Christian Audigier is at it again!

This time he's joined forces with legendary rocker and record producer Dave Stewart, best known for his work with Eurythmics. Together Dave and Christian will co-design and produce "Rock Fabulous," the collection. A creative collaboration that will embody Dave's rock and roll lifestyle and his passion for music with Christian's explosive ability to engineer globally distributed brands. Together they will re-define the rock and roll lifestyle through their common love for music and fashion.

The Rock Fabulous philosophy is about staying true to your dreams and aspirations. It's making a statement with your attitude, a visceral and visual language. It's about being brave enough to say, "I rock and I'm proud of it." It's about remembering who you are or, who you once were.

The Rock Fabulous World will encompass a broad spectrum of products from perfume to motorcycles! Initially the Collection will include high end men's and ladies' embellished tee shirts, hoodies, headwear and track jackets, as well as a group of "premium couture" fashion pieces. Everything will "Rock" a combination of distressed, hand-printed, metallic foil art, hand-set crystals, and accent hand-stitching. An edgy interpretation of luxury that reminds one of what it means to rock life to its fullest.

The Rock Fabulous Collection will make its wholesale debut in January of 2009 and will be in stores for Fall of 2009. It will be available in better specialty stores and department stores worldwide.

Rock Life. Rock Family. Rock Fabulous.

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