The Brian Setzer Orchestra's It's Gonna Rock... 'Cause That's What I Do Premiere On HDNet!

Brian Setzer's 'It's Gonna Rock... 'Cause That's What I Do! Premiere on HDNet!


It's Gonna Rock... 'Cause That's What I Do premiered on 11/6/11 on HDNet!

On June 25th The Brian Setzer Orchestra headlined the opening of the 2010 Montreal Jazz Festival, performing for over 150,000 people!! The DVD & Blu-Ray capture the entire blistering 1-hour and 40 minute set, which was easily one of Brian's greatest performances ever!! We guarantee this is one of the best rock shows you'll ever watch. That's a lot to say, but we mean it!

There's some rare and killer bonus footage on the DVD & Blu-Ray versions which you can find here.


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