Dave Stewart writing with Stevie Nicks / Songbook TV Special with Colbie Caillat

Dave Stewart


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What is Dave Stewart up to? Working on a new Eurythmics record? No! Silly question! Working on a new solo album? Yes!!! But according to his recent Twitter posts “veeeerrrry slllloooowlly”. Anything else?

He “wrote a great song with Stevie Nicks on Monday called “Everybody Loves You”" – it might end up on a new Stevie Nicks solo album, Stewart definitely sees that possibility. Anything else?

Dave Stewart is filming a TV special for the UK channel Sky Arts – a one hour (!) acoustic (!!) performance show focussing on his greatest hits and collaborations and the stories behind them.

He shared a photo of the “Songbook” show recording “with Colbie Caillait [website] who sang our song “Bullet Proof Vest”" with him and one with Judith Hill and Ann Marie Calhoun (Judith is amazing singer see her sing duet with Michael Jackson in “This Is It” [video]) performing.


About Sky Arts – Songbook:

How did some of the most famous songs of our times come to be written? What was the inspiration behind them? And how do they sound when performed “unplugged” by the composer themselves?

This innovative series explores the magic of song-writing with some of today’s most successful talents. An intimate interview in which they discuss their song-writing careers, the process of constructing and developing the song, and their hopes and fears once it was completed, followed by an ‘unplugged’ performance of the tune in question. Songbook is presented by music journalist and author of Guitar Man and Song Man, Will Hodgkinson.  “The pop song is a powerful art form, simple and universal yet hugely difficult to get right,” comments Hodgkinson. “Learning from songwriting greats about how they wrote their most famous songs has been a fascinating, rewarding experience.”

For more details on previous editions of the program visit http://www.skyarts.co.uk/music/article/songbook

To follow Dave Stewart on Twitter see http://twitter.com/DaveStewart


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