It's not just in the U.S.; Glen Campbell reviews are INSANELY AMAZING in the UK as well!


“The Rhinestone Cowboy rides into the sunset, 4 stars” - UNCUT

“Strong and satisfying...4 stars” - Mail On Sunday

“Superb” - Daily Telegraph

“A true great bestows on us his parting words. Glen Campbell's command of truth-telling songs with empathic weight is undisputed. Echoing his great works of the mid-60's and 70's, all the things he did well he's still doing here. 4 stars” - Q

“ Cash, he has saved some of his best work for last...magnificent. A fitting valediction to a great career. 4 stars” - Sunday Times

“...a pre-ordained adieu from the golden voice of American song...most notable for the man's gloriously undiminished tones.” - MOJO

“captivating...after five decades it's still irresistable, still the kind of voice that turns your insides out” - The Word

“Glen Campbell possesses one of the great American voices...up there with Presley, Cash and Sinatra...a voice assured and undimmed.” - The Sun

“The Rhinestone Cowboy is bowing out on a high...this is a fitting epilogue.” - Daily Mail

“One of the great countrypolitan voices. Words such as dignity, stoicism and class come to mind. What a life...he sounds grateful; we should be, too. 4 stars” - Financial Times

“His voice is rich and clear, the songs intimate reflections on his 75 years” The Independent

“He's going out on an elegiac high, with a beautifully crafted, stately but emotionally charged 'musical biography'” - Evening Standard


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