A Message From Surfdog Records:


Surfdog has made a lot of live recordings from Brian's shows over the
years. As we've listened we realized we've captured some insanely
great music and wickedly sick guitar playing!! We went to Brian and
asked if we can start making some of these available, 'cuz (after
hearing what we've got) we're sure other people will wanna hear them

Lots of these tours and shows have been put out there into the market
without our consent as terrible-quality bootlegs. With Surfdog's
releases, while we want to purposely keep all of them in their true,
pure, unfixed, un-overdubbed form, we have gone to great effort to
ensure top-level audio and great packaging so that fans actually get a
top-quality experience.

Because we have released live material before at various stages of
Brian's career, many of the songs will have been previously released
from other concerts ("The Ultimate Collection," "Red Hot & Live,"
etc.).  So look at the track listing and know what you're getting!

Our goal is NOT to just sell you more stuff.  Instead, we just want
you to have the opportunity to enjoy some of this magic we've 

The first release will be "Don't Mess With A Big Band"; a kick-ass
recording of The Brian Setzer Orchestra's 2009 tour of Japan. Brian is
in rare form and his display of guitar playing is truly jaw-dropping!

Don't Mess With A Big<br />

More to come in the near future.


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